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A Brief Response to Nate Miyaki

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Recently, Jason Ferruggia did an interview with Nate Miyaki, which was posted in 3 sections on Jason’s site. In part 2, Nate opens with this statement, “People getting swindled and fooled by marketing executives, and basing their diets on refined ‘health’ foods instead of nature’s “real” foods. They think they are doing something good for themselves by eating their 100-calorie bars, gluten free muffins, high fiber cereals, pro-biotic yogurts, and organic pizza.

I agree in full with Nate’s view on this matter. Further along in the article, he gives this quote, “Fat in nature comes along with protein and/or fiber. It is not meant to be eaten as a refined oil. What’s Jack LaLanne’s old line, “if man made it, don’t eat it”? This is usually applied to carbs, but I believe it is equally relevant to one’s dietary fat sources.” Once again, I throw my full endorsement behind this message. I only consider oil consumption healthy when it comes from a whole food source. Extracts (a.k.a. refined oils) are empty calories that are void of all their other nutrients. It’s a similar thing to comparing whole fruit with a bag of table sugar; although both examples are a bit more complex underneath the surface, the take home is the same, eat real foods, not processed junk.

Nate offers further commentary regarding oils which I concur with. However, immediately after the prior statement, he gives the following, “To me, a diet with the majority of fat coming as a by-product of whole eggs, salmon, grass-fed beef, etc. is much different than a diet with the majority of fat coming from vegetable oil, salad dressings, cream sauces, and even “healthy” oils. Maybe we should call this thing ‘In Defense of Animal Foods’. High quality, animal protein sources provide us with dietary fat in the right amounts and ratios that Mother Nature intended.

Wait a minute…

“In Defense of Animal Foods”? Nate makes it sound like the only sources of dietary fat from plants are vegetable oils & salad dressings. Instead of talking about flaxseed oil, why not whole flaxseed? Why not almonds? Walnuts? Hemp seeds? All of these have a favorable Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio, overt protein, & fiber without all the side effects of animal food consumption (cholesterol, saturated fat, the animal’s own stress hormones, etc.). Well, I guess if you’re a Paleo/Low-Carb/Ketogenic follower, all of that stuff’s supposed to be good for you anyway, right? Heaven forbid you can be healthy and strong without killing anything.

(All the benefits, without the drawbacks)

Interestingly, Nate closes with this quote, “You are better off with a direct source of EPA/DHA from fish. If you don’t like eating as much fish as your ol’ perverted pal Miyaki…some fish oil supplementation may be warranted.” I thought the point was how bad oils are for human health? Yet, he finishes with a quick plug for fish oil supplements? Oils are bad, but fish oil’s good?

Until next time…

Keep it strong, keep it vegan.

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  1. Stu
    August 16, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    A fish oil capsule has between 9 and 18 calories. Nate’s point about other oils is that you are unlikely measuring them and, even if you are, they aren’t very filling. Contrast this a fish oil supplement, which you aren’t using to satisfy your hungry stomach.

  2. valmont
    September 14, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    I think you misunderstood nate, nate is for nuts and avocados and olives. just not the oils coming from them through a refining process that`s all. he did not directly state it, but he mentions it on other blog posts. you can`t state every single thing in an interview, I guess he just missed to say it that`s all

  1. August 27, 2012 at 10:27 am

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