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Training to Improve Your Life Outside the Gym

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How much time have you spent thinking of ways to advance your career, get better grades, improve your social life, or build a family? I’m sure most of you reading this will have considered at least one of those. With that in mind, how many of you ever thought of doing any of those things by optimizing your health & fitness?

There’s a lot of work you have to do directly in order to achieve the goals you desire. An increasingly sad reality is that people are becoming more & more overwhelmed by a perceived workload of success. One way to deal with this is to increase the amount of influence you have indirectly, and the best way to do that is to stay healthy & fit.

Wellness & Careers
An employee who presents themselves as being in good physical health immediately shows a few traits. For one, they’re less likely to become a liability (get injured on the job, abundance of sick days, etc.) so an employer will feel safer with you over somebody who’s out of shape.

They also present a work ethic; while being healthy & fit isn’t necessarily hard, most people are not. So if you take the time to put in the necessary work for your well-being, you will convey that you know how to do what’s important without having to say anything (you’ll also establish a level of self-worth that others will respect in your occupational relationships).

Wellness & Education
A good education is largely dependent on a good student/teacher relationship. As a fit & healthy person, people will find you approachable, so you’re more likely to have quality interaction with your educators (don’t mess it up by being a jerk). The increased energy level you obtain by optimizing your health will help you to be more productive in class, so you can retain more information with less time spent to school work outside of the classroom. In doing so, your teachers will come to trust you, and they will be willing to go the extra step to help you for your sincerity.

For all of the same reasons, you’re more apt to attract fellow successful students into your sphere. They can help you in many of the same ways your instructors can, and they can do it more immediately.

Wellness & Your Social Life
You remember back in high school how most of the popular kids were athletic? True, some may have been jerks when you got to know them, but the point stands that people find in-shape individuals easy to be attracted to. In fact, many unconsciously strive to be around in-shape people, because they feel their social status will get elevated residually as a result.

People take you more seriously when you take care of yourself. The value that you cultivate in your efforts gives you credibility in your interactions with others. Your opinions will be given more weight and people will probably seek you out for advice or consideration on issues going on with them.

Wellness & Family
Families begin with a love between two people. Whether it was at first sight, or if it was built gradually, ask most people how it started for them and their significant other, and you’ll get some rendition of, “well, I thought they were cute.” Physical attraction is far from being the end-all of relationships, but it does help to get people’s attention. A healthy & fit body is an attractive one, and if you take the extra step to practice good grooming & dress well, you’ll turn a few heads on a regular basis. As your relationship develops, taking care of yourself will help to keep the fire stoked for the long haul.

A healthy parent has the power to set good habits for their children. They’re automatically considered a role-model. A son who sees his father as a strong, confident, composed man doesn’t have to revert to comic books for heroes. A daughter who sees her mother as a beautiful, elegant, & graceful woman will appreciate her views on life rather than Barbie’s. With the alarming rates of pediatric diseases, it’s important that parents set the example for their kids so that we may preserve individual & societal well-being in future decades.

Until next time…

Keep it strong, keep it vegan.

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