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Why Being Lazy Sucks

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I fell into a rut over the last few weeks. The workload at my day job went up for awhile, and I was also preparing for some different occasions in my personal life. As a result, my training bit the bullet.

Compounding those effects, I had been doing a lot of reading on different styles of training, and I ended up getting away from the fundamentals that have worked for me time & again (a mistake I’ve made more than once). While I’m a big believer in furthering one’s knowledge base, your success in training is dependent on what you’re doing as opposed to how much you know. Sometimes you can take in too much at once, and in the effort to put everything together into the perfect program for your lifestyle, your progress will end up stagnating.

I noticed that my motivation to train was declining, and I was also becoming less interested in being active; instead of getting up for my morning walk at 5:30, I’d hit the snooze button. Junk food started to look more appealing, and I was experiencing a more lethargic attitude at work. This all lead me to one conclusion…BEING LAZY SUCKS.

The one thing this episode did for me that was a positive though, was that it reminded me of a taste of what the average sedentary person in America experiences on a daily basis. If I started to feel that after only a couple of weeks, I can only imagine how hard the rut must be to get out of if you’ve been stuck in it for years or decades.

For all those people who say, “I’m too tired to work out,” “I don’t have the time…” “It’s too difficult…” in all likelihood, you’re probably just being lazy. I’m not trying to be a jerk when I say that, but here’s some things to consider:

-Your appetite for junk food increases with being sedentary. My personal theory for this is that since you aren’t giving your body the rewards of movement, it will look for the short term rewards of eating garbage.

-When you eat more junk food, your body has to expend a lot of energy for very little gain during the digestive process. As a result, you have a greater appetite because your body lacks the calories & nutrients it needs, while having less energy to show for it.

-The lethargic state that your body goes into shuts down your nervous system, so you always feel somewhat tired. Most people turn to exogenous stimulants (caffeine, etc.) in response to their perceived lack of energy. We all know that following a dose of caffeine, you experience a crash after the adrenaline leaves your bloodstream.

-Both bad nutrition & regular stimulant use interfere with your quality of sleep. Poor sleep means your body can’t repair & recuperate from the prior day’s work; your mental information processing declines as well as your physical health. You also fall into the viscous cycle of lacking energy because of having poor sleep, so you feed the previously established bad habits to keep going.

There’s much more that could be said in regards to being lazy, but this gives you an idea. Plug this into one’s life over an extended period of time, and it becomes easy to account for the poor state of health & fitness we see around us every single day.

Don’t become lazy, but don’t go to the other extreme of trying to do everything all at once either. Doing too much will inevitably lead you back to being sedentary because your efforts aren’t sustainable. If things get a little hectic in other areas of your life, it’s perfectly fine to back off a little bit and work with what time & resources you do have. Once things settle down, then you can pick things back up if you want. The goal is not be in shape for 12 weeks, the goal is to be in shape for 12 decades.

Until next time…

Keep it strong, keep it vegan.

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  1. October 15, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Indeed, being lazy sucks :)

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